• Image of E.N.D. FR8 Project DVD - Vol.1
  • Image of E.N.D. FR8 Project DVD - Vol.1

E.N.D. FR8 Project
Volume 1
END FR8 Project: A musically inspired film, featuring some of the best Northern California graffiti artists, concentrating on West Coast freight trains as their traveling canvas. This graffiti experience is a peek into a diverse world of the West Coast's graffiti art culture and showcases inspiring, graphically rich techniques of each artist, featuring END Crew and other top writers from the 90’s to the modern era.

The E.N.D. FR8 Project is one-of-a-kind experience for an expanding collecting audience.

“Two Cans Up!” -Emer & Mynas
“Best freight train graffiti video you’ll ever see” -Jesol

Featured Interviews: Gigs, Deone, Mynas, Redes, Drone, Sushi
Featured Benchers: California Phanthom, Top Heavy Gazelle, Inked Media,@bumpntweeters, @swabrock, @koochroxer, @_freightgodz_, @steel_informed, @project_hype, @_in_rust_we_trust_, @ninjagraffiti, @mei_mei_li, @hamer.one, @boxcarbully, @panelsmasher, @revised_, @kansascity_streetart, @flyingdenzone, @_revok_, @hoseronetime, @aace_boogiee, @natrl @ericbmw, @dazetn, @bobross75, @kreseroner, @pures3ash, @krimetimeprod, @emer_ends, @quiet_silence, @jedijaws, @voyage_83, @clown2076, @fsccrew, @geser3a, @knowyoursavior, @enemthagreat, @reds_004, @apartygscrew, @mrtrixter, @its_itse, @fiveninefour, @jizztoezz, @northernfreights, @a_waywardhorror, @awful_cbs, @hthrsue, @spforever_trainbooks, @lurkavelly, @dose_otek_ends, @_lostbandit_, @stangerprojects, @thechocolatemnm, @ringmasta83, @thanightwriter, @mynas_canslayer @auneaq @endfr8project

Featuring music by: Andrew Lozano, Antbeatz, B-Original, Beast Inside Beats, Billy Lane, Cold Trap, Dicer, DJ Epik, El Conductor, Fearo153, illusion, Jern Eye, Joshua Marquez, Kodac Visualz, Kosmic Four, Live Manikns, Malcom Overflow, Maxwell McMaster, Nate Curry, Reason, Sbvce, Setwon, Starve

Directed and Edited by
Daniel Pedersen
Assistant Director and Editor
Andrew Lozano
Additional Edits (Intro)
Tomás Montoya
Production by Entering New Dimensions (END)
Copyright all rights reserved 2018
Approximate Feature Run Time 87 minutes